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Smash Fashion - Got Da Hee Bee Gee Bees (at CBGBs) 7" YEAHR46

Brand new music from L.A.'s Smash Fashion.
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Limited to 300 copies with three different colorways sleeves.

"Smash Fashion tip the hat to the early punk rockers and they manage to spit their gum out long enough to knock this one right out the park. exactly what a 7″ single should sound like, “cool as” kids trust me, Snotty and with a bit of street muscle Smash Fashion turn their efforts to the classic 7″ single and do it justice – nice. Then flip it over for some retro-tinged Hoople hand-clapping, shithouse shaking Rock and Rolla. Damn Smash Fashion just gets better and better. Check it out right now! Its an order." - The Singles Club / RPM Online

Pressing Information

300 copies on color vinyl. 3 different colorways foldover sleeves.