Shipping Charges updated. Sorry Europe.

Posted on October 10th, 2013


As you may or may not know, shipping charges have gone up considerably in the last few months, and quite a bit since I set these shipping charges about two years ago.
I've been very reluctant to raise shipping charges, but let's face it, I have to.

Shipping 12 inch vinyl in North America pretty much works out to in excess of $12 for one record, outside of USA and Canada it's much more.

Shipping to Europe by air is around $18, shipping by ground is $12 but takes forever.

I'm still taking a bit of a hit on shipping in the interest of keeping things affordable, and recycling packaging where ever possible to keep costs down. 

Of course, if you buy more than one item, there is a discount for combined shipping.

Thanks for your support.

Giant Drag Update.

Posted on July 19th, 2013

So, got the Giant Drag test pressings and they sound great! 

Picked up records and shipped out all of the pre-orders. Thank you!

On sale now in the store, both purple and black versions of the record.

(the purple looks AMAZING!)

GIANT DRAG Waking Up Is Hard To Do Presale

Posted on April 17th, 2013

Cult lo-fi LA alt-rockers GIANT DRAG will self-release their long awaited sophomore LP "Waking Up Is Hard To Do" digitally at and Yeah Right! is proud to announce that we will be releasing this AMAZING new record as a limited vinyl release.


The first new material for seven years from the band, front woman Annie Hardy explains the reasons behind the hiatus in the following heartfelt statement:

This LP has been a total curse on my existence; every time I team up with a record company or person to get this thing out something goes wrong and it just ends up sitting there like it has for 7 years now, so I am putting this thing out myself” says the singer.

I want to engage people once again and make the rest of the world care as well. Basically the last couple years of my life were pure hell and I spent it (and my "success" period of GD) a slave to prescription drugs, only to go to rehab last October to get clean and have the place literally nearly kill me” Hardy explains “Legal battles were won and health problems have remained and I'm kind of getting honest with everyone for the first time. Since my family now knows I'm not afraid to tell truths about what's been holding me and my music back for so long. I've been through a lot surrounding addiction and dealing with issues of mental health watching my ex-boyfriend lose his mind (go Full Psycho). It's totally overwhelming but there's been a shift of perspective in me and I want to help other people if I can.  It's already turning out to be a wild ride and I think things will keep getting better. I hope if you survive listening to this record you'll be excited as I am about what’s to come.

I have no current plans to tour Giant Drag but Charlotte Froom and Tennesse Thomas from The Like will be helping me to reform GD for a select few shows to promote the record and say goodbye to the band properly so I can concentrate on my new projects, Annie Hardy and the Psychos as well as my pet project PnP also will be finishing up recording EPs with Joe Cardamone of The Icarus Line and of course the live LP Shredding Leeds is meant to be out right now but I stupidly committed to laborious hand-made vinyl packages for the fans so I'm working on that nightly.” 

Killing Giant Drag is something Hardy feel like she has to do to move on, and giving these songs the airing they deserve is all part of the process. Fans of the band’s early work won’t be disappointed, as the heady swimming vocals, fuzzed-out rolling bass lines and poetic lyrics evident on ‘We Like The Weather’ and ‘90210’ are an instant reminder that Hardy is still a songwriting talent deserving of attention and, if anything, her experiences have made her stronger and imbued her songs with an undeniable passion and drive. “Yeah, this is happening” croons Hardy sarcastically on the unexpected lounge-jazz of ‘Messif My Face’, a track that shows a distinctly different side to the band with reverb laden guitar solos intertwined around tinkling ivories. As always when art imitates life, there’s a touching honesty that threads through the tracks on this release, not least on classic GD closer ‘Seen The Light’ with its gospel crescendo which sees Hardy proudly declaring “You want fame and adulation, I want my own home and a short vacation.Everything I hate in you is what I hate in me, everything that I’m afraid that I might be. But now it’s getting right, I’ve seen the light.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do stomps, grooves and melts to a blissed out climax in all the right places and serves as an honest and timely reminder that sometimes after a fall, great talent just needs time to collect and take stock before it can breathe again. So what does Hardy see next for her future?

I’m basically flying by the seat of my pants” she smiles, 

 Waking Up Is HardTo Do is releasedby Hardy’s new label Full Psycho Records and will be available in standard and Enhanced Edition via and available on vinyl through Yeah Right! this June

Preorder your copy now and receive the even more limited color vinyl version.

Shipping to France.

Posted on March 10th, 2013

Due to continuing problems with shipping I no longer ship records to FRANCE.

They take forever to get there, and the french are constantly complaining about how long it takes.

Problem solved.

The rest of the world is still okay. Except for France.

Biters is GO!

Posted on May 11th, 2012